Note: If the marketing service you have ordered is billed every 30 days, all payments have to be made on time every 30 days. Even if you are one day late, your service will be terminated.

We have expenses we need to keep up with and we want to concentrate on doing our work, not chasing after companies.

Note 2: Before you read about our screening process, any order using Western Union will not require any screening other than calling you to discuss payment. The reason this isn’t a great method for this service is that your payments have to be in on time every 30 days otherwise we have to remove your site from Page 1. This means you will have to pay on the 25th day to ensure your payment is in on time since we have to manually go pick up the funds.

We also charge a 25% for having to spend time picking up the money.

Note 3: Since fraud has increased in the last few years, for all products or services you order, we now require you to sign a copy of our purchase agreement.

We will send it to you filled out so you just need to digitally sign it (we have software you can use) and send it back to us. If the service you are purchasing is billed monthly, this will need to be done after your credit card is charged and before we can move forward with maintaining your service.

We also require a scanned copy of your ID before we can process your order. This only needs to be done the one time in the beginning unless you move.

Before you refuse this policy of ours outright, be aware that several escort directories and escort review sites now require ID before an escort or an escort agency can even advertise with them. Escort Strategy is just one more company requesting this type of information.

Not only that, the amount of retail stores that now require photo ID when you use your debit or credit card is increasing every day.

We don’t require your SSN, just your government-issued ID, which is already public knowledge. All of your information is kept strictly confidential with us.

As of now Michelle is the only one who sees the ID, and the ID is ONLY used to verify that you are the card holder. The only reason we would ever need to pull up your ID, is if in the future it is necessary because there are problems with your bank. Banks are notorious for blips, so we may also need to use it to prove that you indeed authorized us to charge your credit card.

If providing the ID is an absolute problem for you, I recommend that you talk with us first via the phone or e-mail; you can use Western Union to pay and avoid giving us your ID. Understand that we charge a 25% service charge on all Western Union transactions. Yes, we know that Western Union has a bad reputation as a favorite of scammers, but as of right now, we have no other way of receiving cash payments. Obviously you don’t want to send cash through the mail!

Sending Money Orders also requires ID because people can create fake ones. Again, even for that payment method there is a 25% service charge on top of our regular price to make up for the extra work involved in dealing with a money order, the mailing to our bank, waiting for the mail, or having to get to the bank to deposit the funds which we normally don’t have to do.

We also have a survey with common questions companies need for marketing and demographic purposes. We have found this also works as another way to screen, so it is mandatory. We don’t mean to pry, this information also helps improve our business by understanding what types of people are interested in the escort industry, what products and services they need/want, etc. We have also found that when people make mistakes in their order, they fill out the correct information on the survey, so that also helps to catch them.

Sorry for any inconvenience; we don’t wish to make your life more difficult, but we do have to protect our company as well as our clients.

We thank you for your understanding. That means a lot to us.

  • To our trusted clients: Your personal information remains 100% private.

We will NEVER sell, barter, trade or give away anything you send us including your e-mail address. The only exception is that sometimes we grab glowing reviews and put them on our testimonial page, but we never give out your last name, just your first name and last initial. If you ever want to omit your first name, we totally understand and would just replace it with 2 initials.

If you want to start making money, consider selling our business kits to others until you have enough money to buy your own business kit. Click here for our affiliate program.

  • To those who desire to be our clients but aren’t yet:

We have a badlist blog (often called a ‘blacklist’ elsewhere) where Michelle will publish people who cost Escort Strategies money.

This means:

a) they provided false or no ID information at all

b) when given other options they refused to adhere to other company policies or

c) they committed fraud.

This all means NO sale actually went through.

Just so you know, badlists are a common tool in the escort industry.

If you don’t fall into any of the categories below, you have absolutely nothing to worry about. Discretion is our middle name, and has been since Michelle started in the escort industry back in 1989.

Here are some other reasons people would go on Michelle’s badlist blog:

  1. People who threaten to call their bank regarding their order. This is a threat and fraud, and we don’t tolerate people who threaten or commit fraud.
  2. People who refuse to be screened by providing ID and refuse to fill out our screening survey. This kind of suspicious behavior leads us to believe this person may be committing some kind of fraud.Screening for any number of reasons is very common in the escort industry, so you should get used to it now, because you will need to do the same type of screening with your clients. (You can’t refuse to be screened and then expect your clients to adhere to your screening procedures. That’s hypocritical.)
  3. People who don’t belong in this industry because they are mean spirited, are pimps, hookers or just all around disgusting people.As we hope you already know, Michelle is trying to clean up this industry from very negative people who freak out, steal, commit crimes, abuse or control people, force people to work in the escort industry, force people to have sex with them, back stab, are chronic liars, and generally cause problems wherever they go.There are enough of those types in existence already. We aren’t talking about people who have a bad day or get angry – we all do that occasionally. We are talking about the types of people who are mean-spirited the majority of the time and they intentionally hurt others.The escort industry needs to change by bringing in pleasant, ethical and professional human beings. That is one of the goals we strive for.
  4. People who become abusive and nasty because they refuse to accept that we don’t offer refunds.We aren’t going to spend hours doing work for you to help your escort business grown and then have you turn around and demand a refund.If you feel there’s a problem with the work, please come and discuss it with us. Customer service is our middle name, so if your concern is valid, you communicated your needs to us at the beginning (meaning you didn’t just start changing your requests well into the scope of the project), we will do everything to make it right.We consider that fraudulent behavior. Because some people who wish to get into the escort industry are of this nature or they are just looking for handouts because they are broke, we no longer offer refunds.For those extraordinary situations when we feel there is a legitimate reason for a refund, we charge a 15% processing fee to cover all the time we have spent with you, plus this covers any charges we were charged to complete and then refund your order.If you live outside of North America and we have to issue a refund, because it costs more for us to call you & process your order, the service charge will be 20%Trust us, that small fee does NOT cover our time, especially when Michelle herself is e-mailing you. Usually she spends a minimum of at least 30-60 minutes discussing things back and forth and ordinarily Michelle bills out at $90/hour for her time.We all work really really hard to build Escort Strategies and give you the best we can in marketing products and services for the escort and adult industries.Like we said, if you don’t have any of the traits mentioned above – and 95% of you don’t – you have nothing to worry about. It is NOT our goal to hurt others by outing them; it’s only when we feel the person on the other end has the traits mentioned above or threatened to commit fraud against us that they end up on the badlist.Bottom line is, Michelle just loves helping others. She’s always been this way.

    And just to be clear, Michelle doesn’t believe you should ONLY treat clients with respect; even potential clients deserve kindness and respect. Not like other companies that only treat you nicely when you’ve spent money with them.

    Please make sure that you are serious about purchasing our marketing products and services before you move forward. People who play games online by changing their minds after they have already purchased are low in our books. Businesses lose money in fees, time, stress, paying support staff, etc. When you cause companies to lose money, it’s not fair to them and it directly affects their paying clients as well.

    If you are uncertain about the company you are purchasing from, then e-mail or phone them to talk to them first. Get a feel for who they are before you take out your credit card. Michelle would love to talk to you first, she often has people who are interested in purchasing e-mail or call her.

    No one at Escort Strategies will fault you for screening. That is what Michelle does when she doesn’t know the company.

    Michelle NEVER changes her mind after purchasing something, not unless the product doesn’t work, the company rep has disappeared, or they mislead their service, and because of her screening practices, that is very rare.

    We won’t disappear. We are always here for you unless we are attending to business outside of the office and even then we keep on top of e-mails to ensure you are taken care of.

  5. Refund Policy – so long as we provide the service you paid for, there are no refunds. If you have a problem with someone, please e-mail us, and we will get right on solving your issue. As mentioned, we value all our clients, even our non-clients.
  6. Lastly, if you ever commit fraud by calling your bank and lying about your purchase and your credit card purchase comes back as fraudulent, we WILL send it to collections which will affect your credit rating.There will also be an extra $50 fee to cover our bank fees, plus a 40% service charge on top of that amount to cover the collection agency fees, or any additional fees the collection agency charges.We hope we NEVER have to deal with anything you have read above and 99% of the time we don’t, but we wanted to be upfront about our policies so there are no surprises down the road.

So that’s it for our business policies.

We thank you very much for visiting our site. Feel free to ask us any questions, and we look forward to you becoming one of our many special clients of Escort Strategies!

Escort Strategies