Working with Escort Strategies

How Working with Escort Strategies Benefits YOUR Business

Sample of what you will receive:

When we offered this service, escort services ranked near the top of page 1 of Google for the search result – “Dallas Escorts”. We can insert your entire site over our page 1 site in your chosen city within 48 hours.

Here’s how your Business Benefits from our SEO Program

  • Your complete website including all content, images and contact info. is cloned over onto our Page 1 Ranked Website.
  • There’s no risk of your site being penalized by Google since it’s our domain that is ranked on Page 1.
  • All the e-mails and phone calls from your new Google leads go directly to you, and only you.

Highlights of our brand new and unique NO-RISK SEO program

  • No contracts or obligations – this is month to month work.
  • You get to select 10 targeted, city-related keywords to rank for.
  • If for any reason you lose your page 1 ranking, no payment is due until that ranking is regained.
  • We rank our own website on Google’s page 1 and then we duplicate/clone your site 100% onto our domain.
  • We can rewrite the index page for you, or you can do it yourself.

Proven Results, But Limited Slots!

We already have many clients running escort businesses in the escort industry in other major cities who are taking advantage of this unique marketing opportunity, so you MUST get your reserved slots RIGHT NOW if you want to dominate the city of your choosing.

Still have more questions?  Check out which cities are still available (before your competitors take control!), or take a look at our prices so you can move ahead with confidence in your decision.