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Our SEO Package Pricing

Did you know that some firms can charge over $5,000 per month for SEO work?

Not us.

Our pricing structure is as follow:

Tier 1 Cities


  • $2,230
    per month
  • Tier 1 Cities

Tier 2 Cities


  • $1,725 – $2,070
    per month
  • Tier 2 Cities



  • $1,150
    per month per city
  • Special Discounted Offer

Tier 3 Cities


  • $1,150 – $1,725
    per month
  • Tier 3 Cities

To get your FANTASTIC Discounted Price of Only $1,150/month, reserve 5 cities RIGHT NOW!

What we will need from you:

•    A new local phone number (we can’t use the current one you have on your site)
•    Fill out our form so we have all your information

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Get Your Phone Ringing with NO RISK to You!

This is a NO-RISK SEO program that will give you more exposure and traffic. Unlike other SEO methods, you won’t have to wait weeks or months to hear your phone ring to grow your escort business. And unlike other SEO methods, you don’t have to wait to see if it will work – the page you’re using is ALREADY on PAGE ONE!

You simply can’t lose.

Feel free to e-mail or call me for more details or with any questions you have, or just order now to jump on this opportunity while it lasts!


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P.S. – remember, if we don’t get you to PAGE ONE of Google, YOU DON’T PAY!  Take advantage of our amazing offer and snap up the limited number of slots – before your competitors do!
P.P.S. **Our Promise to You** – If for 30 days straight you don’t rank on all 10 keywords, you do NOT pay again until at least one of your keywords puts you on Page 1. Since we are ranking you for 10 different keywords, understand that if any one of these sets puts you on Page 1, you are still obligated to continue your payment if you still want our services.
P.P.S. All payments have to be made on time every 30 days. Even if you are one day late, your first place Google ranking site is taken down and that page will be given to another escort or adult business.

We have expenses we need to take care of and we need to concentrate on SEO, not collecting payments from companies.