Marketing & Advertising in the
Escort or Adult Industry


Escort Strategies has over twenty five years of experience in the industry. We understand the nature of internet marketing, and know just what works and what doesn’t. Whether you’re struggling to make ends meet, or you want to aggressively expand your profit margin for your escort or adult business, ES can be your marketing solution.

A Business You Can Trust

Escort Strategies was founded in order to provide an honest, ethical business in an industry that can, at times, be filled with less than reputable organizations. We believe in pursuing only the most professional strategies, meaning we don’t make use of any form of unethical ‘blackhat’ tactics or anything that would give your business a bad reputation. We value every last one of our customers, and work tirelessly to provide exceptional service and customer satisfaction.

We Can Get You Noticed!

Our company works by ensuring that you have the most dominating presence online. The internet is no longer just a supplement for a business; it’s now one of the most vital aspects of any company’s business plan. Escort Strategies works to guarantee that your company can easily be found by prospective customers and clients. It can be exceedingly difficult to understand the complexity and difficulty of marketing online and offline, and we’re here to help.

Our Unique SEO Program

Our SEO Program is the best way to have your website rise quickly to the first page of Google. Why is this a big deal?

Simple, very few people are willing to click past the first page of Google (why, some won’t even scroll down), so by making sure that your website catches your future client’s eye almost immediately, you can turn a simple Google search into a purchase!

We harness the power of effective keywords to make sure you’re getting as many people as possible sent to your website, where your quality services can do the rest.

Take a step in the right direction for your business and contact us today!  E-mail Escort Strategies Founder and CEO Michelle here!